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About Let's Kick Scoot and Its Collaborators

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>>  Let's Kick Scoot is a non-commercial website devoted to promoting the sport of kick scooting, whether for sightseeing, commuting, exercise, or just plain fun.

Since 2010, Karen Little, Editor and Chief of www.Littleviews.com (a website about what to do in and around New York) and Bert Cebular, owner of www.NYCeWheels.com (a shop specializing in foldable bikes, electric powered bikes, and kick scooters) discussed issues involving the promotion of adult kick scooting as a sport.

The results of those discussions is this website which, hopefully, will help you better understand how you can use kick scooters to have fun, explore new territory, exercise, and even commute to work. If you are already a kick scooting expert (or better yet, an evangelist on the subject), we hope you contribute to our forums and help others as needed.

Karen Little - Editor and Chief

Karen is a freelance writer, illustrator, and programmer who specializes in the development of travel information, training material, technical manuals, and web content. When not kick scooting, she writes for LetsKickScoot and Littleviews.com.

To discuss a project, email her at Karen@LetsKickScoot.com or Karen@Littleviews.com.

Jerry Szubin - Contributing Editor

Jerry is a graphic artist, classical pianist, and biking and kick scooting enthusiast. He owns a Brompton folding bike and a Know-Ped kick scooter. He's regularly out and about and can be seen kick scooting or biking in one of many New Jersey's and New York's fabulous bike/scooter-friendly paths and parks. Jerry (ScooterJerry) is a moderator of the Main Forum and contributes technical, gear, and scooter comparison articles.

Jerry can be reached at Jerry Szubin - ScooterJerry88@gmail.com

Laura Garcia - Contributing Editor

Laura is an educator. She has a little travel trailer and likes camping near trails to enjoy kick scooting in new places. Laura (Elf) is the moderator of the "Getting it on . . ." forum and contributes scooter comparison, technique, and travel articles.

Laura can be reached at Laura Garcia - lbgarcia94@gmail.com

Lanex, LLC

Lanex, LLC is a website and software development firm specializing in streamlining business solutions through web-based applications. Among its many services are design, systems integration, custom software, portals, search engine optimization, marketing, and business process analysis.

Karen Little and Lanex have worked together on a wide variety of projects since 1980. Lanex hosts LetsKickScoot.com as well as Littleviews.com.

For more information, visit www.Lanex.com, phone 262-789-0966 and ask for Herb Guenther or Matt McCoy, or email the company at Sales - ales@lanex.com.

Use of Material

The copyright to all material on this website (unless indicated otherwise) is owned by www.LetsKickScoot.com and its principals.

The name "Let's Kick Scoot" and "LetsKickScoot.com" are trademarks owned by Karen Little and her company Littleviews.

With permission, you are free to use photos and/or illustrations as long as they are unaltered, are posted for legitimate reasons, and are not associated with for-profit activities. All photos must reference www.LetsKickScoot.com. Prior to posting, please provide Karen Little with a link (or other information) as to where they will be seen.

Prior permission is also required to reproduce any article appearing here on another website or media of any type, although with permission, no fee is involved. Contact Karen Little at Karen@LetsKickScoot.com for permission.

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