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How to Install a Front Brake on a KickPed

[ KICK SCOOTING - 8/6/2012 - www.LetsKickScoot.com ]

ALERT 08-13: As of late July, 2013, KickPeds no longer come with a front brake mount. These instructions pertain to older models with the brake mount welded onto the front fork.

>>  Love your KickPed, but would like it to have a front brake? Here's how to do it.

Note: Never use the front brake alone on a scooter or you risk stopping short and sailing over your handlebars. Front brakes should always be applied carefully (with gradual pressure) and in tandem with the back brake.  

Before you begin, order these parts from www.Goped.com:

  • 1030 Brake caliper: 6" SRT, front
  • 1047 Brake lever assembly
  • 1054 Brake cable; 34"H/40"C

Step 1: Observe that the photo above is the caliper you will receive.

Step 2: The caliper comes with 3 washers and one nut. Only the thin washer and nut are used (as confirmed by Goped technician).

Step 3: Insert caliper into mounting hole above front tire.

Step 4: Place flat washer and nut on bolt, position caliper so it's straight and tighten with 10mm socket. Be sure to tighten enough so caliper cannot be rotated easily.

NOTE: The cutout in this KickPed was too small to fit a socket so it had to be enlarged slightly using a dremel grinder. Not to worry - this does no structural harm (as confirmed by Goped technician).

Step 5: Observe the back of stem showing inadequate cutout for socke.t

Step 6: Use 10mm deep socket.

Step 7: Note that our KickPed's cutout was not large enough to accommodate socket (appears to fit in this photo, but socket is at an angle, not fully seated over nut, and cannot be rotated). This required us to enlarge it slightly.

Step 8: Before enlarging cutout, remove tire.

Step 9: Observe what it looks like with the tire removed.

Step 10: Carefully enlarge cutout slightly using Dremel with metal grinding attachment.

Step 11: Observe that the socket now fits cutout and nut can be tightened. Be sure to tighten enough so caliper cannot be rotated easily.

You are now ready to install the brake lever.

Step 12: This is what it looks like with the brake lever installed.

Now use a cable tie to secure the cable to the stem.

Step 13: Here is what it looks like with the cable secured to the stem.

Step 14: And here is what the cable looks like leading from the lever to the brake caliper.

Thread the cable through the caliper as shown below.

Step 15: Thread the cable through the caliper.

Now squeeze calipers while pulling cable taught and tighten nut. (See video at Goped.com for detailed instructions.)

Step 16: Observe that the calipers are being squeezed while cable is pulled taught and nut is tightened

Adjust calipers by tapping with hammer to straighten, squeeze lever several times to stretch cable, and use caliper adjustment screw to adjust distance between brake shoes and tire. (See video at Goped.com for details.)

Step 17: Success! Here I am with a KickPed sporting front brakes!


  • www.GoPed.com

  • Brake Installation Video: Once on this page, select the link to "6" Wheel Side Pull Brake Caliper Adjustment" - it takes a long time to appear, but it does appear! No spoken words, only music. Excellent visual instructions!

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    Article and photos by ScooterJerry. First published on 8/6/2012. All rights reserved by www.LetsKickScoot.com.

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