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Country Kick Scooters - Amish Kick Scooters

[ KICK SCOOTING - 2/14/2012 - www.LetsKickScoot.com ]

>>  I fell in love with Amish country kick scooters the minute I spotted a colorful array of them parked in front of Lapp's Coach Shop in Intercourse, PA.

A stand of Amish country kick scooters in front of Lapp's Coach Shop, Intercourse, PA

My husband, Phil, and I were in Intercourse that day to load up on the area's justifiably famous jams and canned goods. Little did we think when we first arrived, that we'd also buy two Amish country style kick scooters. All it took to win us over was riding them.

Karen Little just after buying an Amish country kick scooter in Intercourse, PA

I began my trial ride on a bright yellow "medium kick scooter." Not on display was a "large," which is more appropriate for people like Phil who are 5' 10" and taller. Fortunately, the shop's manager brought one out the minute he saw Phil.

A medium and large Amish country kick scooter together. The large is more appropriate for people 5 feet 10 inches tall and taller.

These Amish country kick scooters are designed for people who have places to go and things to haul! They are built for ease-of-use, safety, and driving on a variety of smooth surfaces (sidewalks, driveways, or roads), whichever is nearby. While they can be kick scooted up slight hills, as with all kick scooters, level terrain is best.

Features include:

  • Stable, bike-size tires that come in common sizes.

  • A front hand-brake that provides the same type of control as you'd expect from a bike. Hand brakes on small-wheeled scooters can slow you down so you can hop off, but they are not appropriate stopping devices.

  • A foot-lever back brake, although like with any kick scooter, a dragging foot is probably more efficient. Note that a rear brake can be installed for additional safety.

  • A high degree of stability! They balance like bikes.

  • The easiest ride of all the kick scooters we've tried. The footboard is just 2.5" from the ground, which makes kicking easy and eliminates potential knee strain.

  • A large basket. Since buying ours, however, we removed the baskets in order to slide both kick scooters into the back seat of our car.

  • Full fenders!

  • Standard bike reflectors.

  • A kick stand. The only small kick scooter with a convenient kick stand is the Kickboard USA.

In our opinion, the Amish country kick scooter is easier to ride than a bike, and most certainly can cover greater distances than small-wheeled kick scooters. On them, it is easy to travel ten or so relaxed miles, whereas we tend to cruise between four to six miles a day on our small-wheeled scooters.

Phil Little on an Amish country kick scooter by the Racine, WI, harbor

Of course, the Amish country kick scooters serve a different purpose than small-wheeled kick scooters. They cannot be folded, they require a larger storage area, and it is unlikely that you'd carry them into a shop or restaurant.

They are, however, small enough to carry on a subway, as well as on New Jersey's light rail system. Their baskets make them idea for hauling stuff, like groceries or books. Even without the basket, it's easy to strap a bag over the front handlebar without making the kick scooter unstable.

Floorboard Area

Unlike small kick scooters, the floorboard size is not an issue for a wide-range of shoe sizes. Children as young as 6 years old can ride the medium-sized scooter pictured below, while people over 5'10" would find the large-sized scooter more appropriate.

Karen Little on an Amish country kick scooter at Pershing Park along Lake Michigan in Racine, WI

LKS Rider Recommendations

+ The medium scooter is sized for an average woman or child and the large scooter is definitely sized for a man, or any person 5'10" and up, and/or over 200 pounds. + Provides a highly stable ride and it's exceptionally easy to push + It makes a great off-sidewalk vehicle that rides smoothly on well-maintained roads or paths.


  • www.LappsCoachShop.com: Amish country kick scooters are sold through Lapp's Coach Shop, Intercourse, PA, in Lancaster county. In addition to kick scooters, the multi-building shop is filled with hand-made treasures and a wide selection of hand-crafted wooden furniture.

  • Village of Intercourse Merchants Association: Learn more about this authentic Pennsylvania farm village, which is about an hour and a half away from New York City and a half hour from Philadelphia.

  • www.amishAmerica.com: This link is leads to a discussion about the Amish country scooters that are exclusively made in Lancaster County, PA.

  • www.KitchenKettle.com: Kitchen Kettle Village, which is across the street from Lapps Coach Shop, features over 30 country-type stores, a restaurant serving local jams, canned goods, and fresh produce, and a huge canning "factory," where you see local people (primarily Amish and Mennonite women) making jams and vegetable preserves.

  • www.IntercourseCanning.com: Intercourse Canning Company is another huge canning factory in Intercourse, with 3,000 square feet of shopping space. Wonderful products!

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    Article by Karen Little. Photographs by Karen and Phil Little. First published on February 14, 2012. All rights reserved by www.LetsKickScoot.com.

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