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How Nimble Cargo Scooters Are Used

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>>  I, Alix Armour, am one of the co-developers of the Nimble Cargo Scooter, and, with Cynthia Armour, co-authored this article. My background is in industrial design.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Our Nimble Cargo Scooter is designed to haul small cargo over short distances. Its container, made of sturdy, non-toxic plastic, can hold all sorts of belonging, tools, packaged goods, and bags up to 18 gallons, with a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds, including the rider.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

While I know you all understand what "cargo carrying means," you might enjoy seeing how our customers and friends use our scooter.

Cameil, for example, rides a Nimble Cargo Scooter to move products for Bob's Bake Shop in Paris, France. The bakery's entire delivery fleet, in fact, consists of a large electric cargo bicycle and the Nimble Cargo Scooter, which they use for small errands, groceries, and deliveries. Cameil says she finds the Nimble Cargo scooter more convenient than her cargo bike as it's not as difficult to maneuver, it's easier to park, and it is more fun to ride.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Katherine lives in New York City and uses her Nimble Cargo Scooter to take her daughter to school!

Nimble Cargo Scooter

One of our first customers, Katherine bought her Nimble Cargo Scooter in May 2014. Since then, she says "We were stopped so many times, we were late for school," noting that her husband is impressed with the quality of the scooter and is "extremely jealous" of her rides.

In Thousand Oaks, CA, David uses his Pacific Blue Nimble Scooter to go shopping at the local farmer's market. The feature David likes best? Being able to load his daughter's small kick-scooter in the cargo hold whenever she wants to rest!

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Almost everyone we know, from urban dweller to fair-goer to camper, can find uses for the Nimble Cargo Scooter.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Customers Eric and Jessica use their Nimble Cargo Scooter to go fishing in Dana Point, California.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Bait? Check. Fishing Poles? Check. Ice chest? Check. They can easily carry everything they need in their Nimble Cargo Scooter. As they put it, "We went to Doheny State Beach with the family for the day," explained Eric, "We usually ride bicycles, carrying a pole in one hand over the handlebars and the tackle box in the other hand. Since we now pack so much fishing gear in the Nimble and don't have to fumble, the rest of the family has decided to join in on the fun."

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Of course, Nimble Cargo Scooters are built for the workplace. Consider how beer is hauled by the Gallia Brewery in Paris, France.

Gallia, one of our first business customers, purchased its first Nimble Cargo Scooter in June 2014. Previously, employees used a skateboard to get around the warehouse, plus used an old, re-decorated police van for outside deliveries. Now they also ride their Nimble Cargo Scooter for all sorts of extra tasks, including transporting small-but-heavy orders from beer pallets to the van.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Our cargo scooters are also used to move items around arena and conference centers. Just ask our customer in Ljubljana, Slovenia, who wrote us that "Your scooters are just great - the whole crew rides them around the place with a smile." Note that we currently ship our scooters throughout Europe and the USA.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Outside of buildings, our cargo scooters are used to carry flyers, magazines, and newspapers. The people who ride them think that they are much easier to use than the heavy-duty, delivery tricycles that they used to use for these tasks.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Best, students can make good use of them on campus; possibly better use of them than on bikes, or on standard kick scooters alone.

Nimble Cargo Scooter

Featured Articles

So far this year, Nimble Cargo Scooters been featured in Dwell on Design, on Treehugger, and in the Wall Street Journal.



  • Cargo tub capacity: 18 gallons - 68 L

  • Distance recommended: Less than 1.2 miles - 2 km

  • Total weight of cargo scooter: 29 lbs - 13 kg

  • Total load capacity including rider is: 250 lbs - 113 kg

  • For adults up to 6'4" or 1m95

  • Tub dimensions: 16"W x 17"H x 24"D / 40 x 43 x 61 cm

  • Tub thickness: 0.1 inches or 1/10" - 3 mm

  • Wheel dimensions are 6" - 15.24 cm


This article was written by Alix Armour, a co-founder of Nimble Cargo Scooters, and Cynthia Armour. Cynthia's website is at www.CynthiaArmour.com.

Questions? Comments?

Ask Alix Armour: info@nimblescooters
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Article by Alix Armour and Cynthia Armour. Edited by Karen Little for LetsKickScoot.com. Photos supplied by Nimble Scooters. Copyright by Nimble Scooters 2014. Permission to reproduce this article retained by LetsKickScoot.com and Nimble Cargo Scooters. First published on October 12, 2014 by www.LetsKickScoot.com.

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