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Video of Riding a Mibo Tiny and a Mibo Mastr Kick Scooter

[ KICK SCOOTING - 4/9/2015 - www.LetsKickScoot.com ]

The Mibo Tiny and the Mibo Mastr are perfect kick scooters for city commuting where pavements include bumps, cracks, gravel, and small twigs. And, when you are tired of kick scooting around the city, they are also perfect for riding off-road on hard-packed earth trails.

Mibo is a Czech kick scooter (foot bike) manufacturer with over forty years' experience. Their scooters feature super-low and narrow floorboards, adjustable height handlebars, and high quality components. Both models fold, making them ideal for hauling in a trunk, or carrying on public transportation.

These videos were shot on the streets and bike lanes of Gava, a beach town very close to Barcelona. My mate, Veronica, is riding the Mibo Tiny, which features two 12.5-inch (317.5 mm) wheels and I'm riding the Mibo Mastr, which features a 16-inch (406 mm) front wheel and 12.5-inch (317.5 mm) rear wheel.

If you are considering buying a kick scooter for urban riding, I hope that these videos help you determine whether you want (or need) a larger or smaller kick scooter. All provide great rides, but if you want to ride off-road, foot bikes in the 12-and-16 inch categories work best.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Eduard Perez - citykickscooter@gmail.com

Videos by Eduard Perez. First published on 4/6/2015. All video rights reserved by Eduard Perez and City Kick Scooter

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