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[ KICK SCOOTING - 4/26/2017 - ]

Scooting down a highway

>>  In this section of Let's Kick Scoot, Scooter Jerry shares some of his favorite scooter-related gear. If you have your own favorites, email Jerry and let him know!

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Anti-Chafe Balm: Body lubricant for athletes.

Handlebar Bottle Holder: Bottle holders for kick scooters.

How fast am I going? Garmin Edge 200 Cyclometer Review: Learn why and how to use the cyclometer.

How to Attach a Backpack to a Kick Scooter: Attach a backpack with a KlickFix adopter.

Insulated Water Bottle: Great water bottle for long rides.

Lezyne Bicycle Pump: Air pump for pneumatic wheels.

Mini-Water Sprayer: Keep cool by spraying off.

My Favorite Lighweight Watches: Skip leather bands when working out.

My Favorite Waist Pack: Hands-free carrying.

NYCeWheels Management Change: Tribute to Bert Cebular .

Pull the Wool Over Your Feet: Wool socks keep kicking feet cool.

Reduce Vibrations When Riding a Kick Scooter, Part 1: Discover products and gear to reduce vibrations.

Shoelaces for Kick Scooting: Gear for kick scooting.

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