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170 Articles Found on Let's Kick Scoot

2013 KickPed Kick Scooter Upgrade: Learn about the KickPed's new folding style.

A Pedal Scooter? Not quite, but close: Learn about the CarryMe scooter-like bike.

Adding a Hand Brake to a Kickped: Quick way to add a hand brake using easily sourced parts.

Adding Bumpers to Kick Scooter Edges: Soften the edges of your scooter decks.

Amish and Xootr Kick Scooter Manufacturing: See inside two kick scooter assembly plants.

Amish Kick Scooter Models: View Groffdale's Amish-style kick scooters.

Anti-Chafe Balm: Body lubricant for athletes.

Barak's Choice: A Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter: Barak's reasons for purchasing a Mibo Gepard.

Barefoot Shoes for Kick Scooting Demonstrated: Using barefoot athletic shoes for kick scooting.

Basic Kick Scooting: Ankle Protection: Learn how to keep your scooter from hitting your ankle.

Basic Kick Scooting: Avoiding Bumps: Learn how to deal with problem surfaces.

Basic Kick Scooting: Carrying Stuff: Learn how to use StrapIts and lightweight nylon bags.

Basic Kick Scooting: Foot Position and Kicking: Learn about kick scooting for fun and travel.

Basic Kick Scooting: How to Carry a Kick Scooter: Learn the different ways to carry a scooter.

Basic Kick Scooting: Knee and Hip Protection: Kick scooting at any age.

Basic Kick Scooting: Selecting a Scooter: Learn why your weight, height, and shoe size is important.

Basic Kick Scooting: Speed Control: Learn how to control speed and slow down.

Basic Kick Scooting: Your Stance on a Scooter: Learn how your position on a scooter determines your power.

Bikestar 12 Scooter Review: A nice inexpensive contender for mid-sized scooters.

Buying Kick Scooters From Overseas: Find and ship scooters to you from other countries.

Commuter Kick Scooters, a series: Learn about kick scooters with 12-inch tires and how to modify them.

Comparing the Mongoose 12, Bikestar 12, and Mibo Tiny Kick Scooters: Comparison of mid-sized scooters.

Comparison of an Oxelo Town 9 and a Micro Blue Flex: Learn from a newly experienced rider.

Country Kick Scooters - Amish Kick Scooters: Learn about big-wheel kick scooters.

Creating Standards for Small, Urban Kick Scooters: Learn how to select a kick scooter.

Customizing a Hepros Kick Scooter: How to improve a Hepros Kick Scooter.

Customizing an Atom Sidewalker Kick Scooter for Tall Riders: Learn how to easily change handlebar position.

Details: How to Ride a Sbyke: How to ride and adjust a Sbyke for a better ride.

Discovery Maps and Guides: Use these tourist maps to plan kick scooting routes: How to quickly size up a new city.

Discussion on Oxelo Kick Scooters: LKS forum member discussions.

Dog Mushing on a Diggler Alpha Dawg Kick Scooter: Learn more about experiences on a Diggler mushing scooter.

Enjoy New Jersey's Riverwalk Along the Hudson on Foot, Bike, or Kick Scooter: Tourists and locals alike are thrilled with Riverwalk.

Europe's Battery Assisted Kick Scooters: Battery assisted kick scooters in Europe.

Experiences on an Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold: Learn about an Oxelo Town 9 owner's experiences.

Family Kick Scooting in Ontario, Canada - a Video: Learn more about family kick scooting.

Finding a Gulf Beach Hotel in Treasure Island: Learn more about Treasure Island, a great place to scoot.

Finding Places to Kick Scoot: Find level, paved places to kick scoot.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park: A great place to kick scoot: Visit this large, level park in Flushing.

Great Kick Scooter Articles and Blogs on the Web: Introducing two online resources on kick scooting.

Handbrakes on Small Urban Kick Scooters: Learn about the types of handbrakes used by small urban scooters.

Handlebar Bottle Holder: Bottle holders for kick scooters.

Holland's Step Elfstedentocht Kick Scooter Race: Learn about this annual, custom scooter race in The Netherlands.

Hoolay Kick Scooter Review: Read this Hoolay kick scooter owner's review.

Hoolay Kick Scooters Made In Poland: See this colorful, 12.5-inch scooter.

How fast am I going? Garmin Edge 200 Cyclometer Review: Learn why and how to use the cyclometer.

How Nimble Cargo Scooters Are Used: This scooter can carry a big load.

How to Attach a Backpack to a Kick Scooter: Attach a backpack with a KlickFix adopter.

How to Attach a Compact Carrying Bag on a Kick Scooter: Attach a Mountaineering Frame Pac.

How to Buy Shoes for Kick Scooting: Recommendations on shoes for kick scooting.

How to Install a Front Brake on a KickPed: Enhance your KickPed with a GoPed brake.

Hudora Big Wheel Air 205 Dual Brakes Review: Learn about this German scooter with dual brakes.

Hurricane Sandy Report from Weehawken, NJ: Hurricane Sandy as experienced in Weehawken, NJ.

Initial Review: the Atom Sidewalker Kick Scooter: Trying out an Atom sidewalker kick scooter for the first time.

Insulated Water Bottle: Great water bottle for long rides.

Kick Scooter Brands and Manufacturers: List of world-wide kick scooter brands.

Kick Scooter Gallery 1: View pictures of kick scooters from around the world.

Kick Scooter Kicking Techniques: Learn kick scooting techniques and why to use them.

Kick Scooter Review: Smooth-riding, portable, safe, and fun, the Mibo Tiny scooter has it all!: Review on the Mibo Tiny kick scooter.

Kick Scooters Versus Bikes: Learn the difference between biking and kick scooting.

Kick Scooting Along Battery Park City: Part 2: Learn about Manhattan's Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting Along New York's Hudson River Parkway: Part 1: Learn about Manhattan's Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting Along NY's North Cove and Esplanade: Part 3: Learn about Manhattan's Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting along Western Maryland's Rail Trail: Learn more about this perfect for scooting rail trail.

Kick Scooting Around 5 Pointz NYC: Visit this stunning outdoor graffiti display before it is demolished.

Kick Scooting Around the National Mall: Tour the entire National Mall in one easy day.

Kick Scooting Around Wakefield, MA: Visit this historic town near Boston.

Kick Scooting at the New Jersey Shore: Visit the New Jersey Shore on a Kick Scooter.

Kick Scooting by a Walking Paraplegic: Read about ingenuity and a new kick scooter design.

Kick Scooting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: Getting around Charlottetown on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in France, a Photo Journey: Learn about taking photos with a telephoto lens and kick scooting in France.

Kick Scooting in Ft. Myers, FL: Rolling in Florida on a Know-Ped kick scooter.

Kick Scooting in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Getting around Halifax on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Hollywood, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach: Learn more about kick scooting along eastern Florida.

Kick Scooting in John's Pass, Ybor City, Tarpon Springs Sponge Dock, Dunedin, & Clearwater Beach: Learn more about kick scooting on the Gulf.

Kick Scooting in Lakes Park, Ft. Myers, FL: Kick scoot in beautiful Lakes Park.

Kick Scooting in Quebec City, Quebec: Getting around Quebec City on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Savanna and Vacationing Near St. Petersburg: Learn about kick scooting in Savanna.

Kick Scooting in Singapore with Friends: Watch a group scooting together on foot bikes.

Kick Scooting in St. John, New Brunswick: Getting around St. John on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Sydney, Nova Scotia: Getting around Sydney on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting In Treasure Island, Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, and Sarasota: Learn about kick scooting along the Gulf.

Kick Scooting on the Boardwalk between Ventnor City and Atlantic City: Tour the entire boardwalk..

Kick Scooting on the Saddle River Park Bike Trail: Learn more about this scooter-friendly trail.

Kick Scooting on the Walkway Over the Hudson: Cross the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 - Florida's John's Pass, St. Pete Beach, and Tampa: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 - Florida's Plant City and Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 - Florida's St. Petersburg, St. Amands Key, Lido Beach, Sarasota: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 - Hilton Head Island and Savannah: Kick scooting in southern states.

Kick Scooting Through Washington, DC's Cherry Blossom Season: See the video and read additional information.

Kick Scooting while on a Cruise to Canada - the Blog: Recap of a November 2011 blog.

Kick Scooting While Seated on a Kick Scooter: Learn how a kick scooter can be used as a mobility device.

Kickbiking in Holland: Follow Scooter Jerry on a Kickbike in Holland.

Kickboard USA: Learn more about the attractive Black/White Kick.

KickPed: Learn about a low maintenance, highly stable kick scooter.

Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Learn about this ultra-safe kick scooter.

Learn about the Sbyke, an unusual kick scooter: Elf masters the Sbyke.

Learn More About the Kickboard Original 3-Wheel Scooter with T-bar: Discover this stable and fun kick scooter.

Lezyne Bicycle Pump: Air pump for pneumatic wheels.

List of Gulf Beach Hotels in Treasure Island: List of beach hotels in Treasure Island, Florida.

Lodging Considerations When Selecting Gulf Beach Hotels in Treasure Island, Florida: What to stay in when visiting Treasure Island.

Micro Flex Blue Kick Scooter Review: Learn how the Micro Flex Blue buffers rides.

Micro Sidewalker: Learn about the largest urban kick scooter available.

Mini-Water Sprayer: Keep cool by spraying off.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Review: Part 1 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Riding Experience: Part 2 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Set Up and Maintenance: Part 3 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Muscle Recovery for Kick Scooter and Bike Riders: Learn more about using a pro-style massager.

My Favorite Lighweight Watches: Skip leather bands when working out.

My Favorite Waist Pack: Hands-free carrying.

New Year’s Eve on a Kick Scooter in Paris: Kick scooting in Paris on New Year's Eve.

News from Kickboard USA - a Kick Scooter Company: New adult kick scooters for Spring 2012.

NYCeWheels Management Change: Tribute to Bert Cebular .

Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold - The Perfect Urban Scooter?: Review by ScooterJerry in the USA.

Pull the Wool Over Your Feet: Wool socks keep kicking feet cool.

Razor A5 Lux: Learn about the lightest weight adult kick scooter available.

Reduce Vibrations When Riding a Kick Scooter, Part 1: Discover products and gear to reduce vibrations.

Review of Oxelo Town 9 Kick Scooter: Discover this state-of-the-art French kick scooter.

Review of the Crisp Big Wheel Scooter: Learn about a fast and fun kick scooter.

Review of the Fuzion Cityglide with Handbrake: Learn about the Fuzion Cityglide with Handbrake.

Review of the Hudora Big Wheel Air 205: Learn what a rider in the UK thinks about this kick scooter.

Review of the Hudora Bold Wheel Cushion 230: Learn about this German kick scooter.

Review of the Kbike K5 Kick Scooter: Rider's experience on this Czech kick scooter in the USA.

Review of the Kostka Street - a folding 16-inch kick scooter: Learn more about this Czech kick scooter.

Review of the Micro Suspension Adult Kick Scooter: Learn about the Micro Suspension Kick Scooter with PU tires.

Review of the Minizum Battery Powered Kick Scooter: Learn about this battery powered scooter.

Review of the Radio Flyer Smooth Rider Kick Scooter: Learn more about this reasonably priced scooter.

Review of the Swifty Foot Bike: Learn more about this folding foot bike sold in the UK.

Review of the Yadoo New Series Kick Scooter: Learn more about the Yedoo .

Review: Atom Sidewalker, a kick scooter with 12-inch tires: Learn how this kick scooter is a reliable scooter for commuting.

Review: Kickboard Original with T-bar Kick Scooter: Learn more about the Kickboard Original.

Roller Derby Intruder Kick Scooter Review: Learn more about the Roller Derby Intruder.

Sbyke - An Active Review: Read the review and see videos on the Sbyke P20.

Scooter Mobility: Pair a Razor A5 Lux with a Mobility Scooter.

Shoelaces for Kick Scooting: Gear for kick scooting.

Sightseeing in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove on Kick Scooters: Learn how to tour these two historic cities in a single day.

Sightseeing on a Kick Scooter - Traveling with Mikey: Meet a world traveler who sightsees on a kick scooter.

Taking Kick Scooters on a Cruise: Discover how kick scooting can enhance a cruise.

Tall Guy and His Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Part 4 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Buys Another Kick Scooter: Part 1 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Tries a KickPed and a Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Part 3 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Tries an Amish-style and Micro Sidewalker Kick Scooter: Part 2 of 4 articles.

The Miracle of Kick Scooting on a Knee Walker: Keep on rolling even if you have a broken leg.

Tour de USA: Multi-day Tours for Kick Bikes: Kick bike on multi-day bike tours.

Traveling in Sydney on a Kick Scooter: A LKS Forum member rides a Micro White in Sydney.

Urban Dog Mushing on a Kick Scooter: Learn how to get into the sport of dog mushing on a kick scooter.

Use a Rollator and Other Things for Mobility Challenges: Learn all the ways to improve your mobility if you are injured.

Use Foam Instead of Rubber Handgrips to Reduce Vibrations: Learn how foam handgrips can make your ride smoother.

Use Trekking Poles to Increase Walking Speed and Comfort: Use trekking poles as well as kick scooters to increase recreational distances.

Video of Riding a Mibo Tiny and a Mibo Mastr Kick Scooter: See a video showing the Mibo Tiny and the Mebo Mastr together .

Video of the Zippr, a seated kick scooter: See how fun and easy it is to ride a Zippr.

Video of Unboxing a 2015-Model Oxelo Town 9 Kick Scooter: See what the 2015 model Town 9 looks like out of the box.

Video Showing the Grace of Adult Kick Scooting: See the perfect ride.

Videos of Kick Scooter Riding in Houston, Texas: Visitors to Houston ride a Know-Ped and Razor A5 Lux.

Views from Liberty State Park to Hoboken: What you will see when kick scooting in the area.

Visit New York's East River Parkway: Kick scoot along the East River in NYC..

Visit Washington, DC, on a Kick Scooter: Kick scoot during Washington's cherry blossom season.

Visiting Charleston, SC, Hearing a Festiva Hospitality Group Flex Share Pitch, and Going Home!: Returning home after a long trip.

Visiting Forest Hills Gardens on Kick Scooters: Visit a community as beautiful as Central Park.

Visiting Frozen Niagara Falls on a Kick Scooter: Recording the great Niagara Falls freeze on a kick scooter.

Visiting Holland on Xootr Kick Scooters: Small urban kick scooters can be driven on Holland's packed brick sidewalks.

Visiting Seaside Heights, NJ, on Kick Scooters: Find out more about this exciting NJ boardwalk area.

Viza Kikit Air Kick Scooter Modification: Modify this kick scooter for lower rolling resistance.

Winter Road Trip - Kick Scooting in New Orleans: Navigate New Orleans' rough sidewalks and great sights.

Winter Road Trip - Kick Scooting in San Antonio: Discover San Antonio’s River Walk via kick scooter.

Winter Road Trip - Racine to Little Rock: Get aquainted with the urge to kick scoot in the winter.

Xootr Brake Issue Resolved: The brake no longer drags when the handlbar is not fully extended.

Xootr Locking Pin Maintenance: Learn how to take care of your locking pin.

Xootr Mg: Discover the benefits of this scooter style.

Xootr Roma: Discover the benefits of this scooter style.

Xootr Venus Review: Karen Buys a Xootr Venus: Learn more about the Xootr Venus and Roma.

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New Year’s Eve on a Kick Scooter in Paris

Views from Liberty State Park to Hoboken

Review of the Minizum Battery Powered Kick Scooter

Review of the Fuzion Cityglide with Handbrake

Review of the Micro Suspension Adult Kick Scooter

Handbrakes on Small Urban Kick Scooters

Urban Dog Mushing on a Kick Scooter

Review of the Kbike K5 Kick Scooter

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